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Which “TV Series home” was your favorite? Click on “comment” and tell us.


The Addams Fam.      Ponderosa/Bonanza    Gilligan’s Island     Bob Newhart

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3 Gas Savings Tips You Should Try…

  With a gallon of gas now costing more than a gallon of milk in most parts of the country, everybody’s looking for ways to get more miles to the gallon and keep more money in their wallets.  Of course we’ve all heard the list of these gas-saving tips that can really help cut your fuel expenses:  drive less by consolidating trips whenever possible; keep your car tuned up and your tires properly inflated; slow down and avoid sudden startsand stops.

Those things are the “biggies” when it comes to cutting down on fuel costs, but here are three little gas-savings tricks you may not have heard before:

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If you’re on the “fence” about purchasing a home now, this might get you off a little quicker!

FHA WILL SOON RAISE ITS FEES. In an effort to try to recoup some of its depleted reserves, and in an effort to encourage the return of more private capital to the market, FHA announced on Monday, Feb. 27, 2012, that it will soon raise its fees. Specifically, FHA will increase two fees that borrowers pay. Starting April 1, it will increase its annual mortgage insurance premiums for loans under $625,500, bringing the total cost from 1.15% of the loan amount to 1.25%. Starting June 1, 2012, larger loan premiums will see an increase of 0.35% of a percentage point, bringing the total premium costs up to 1.5% of the loan amount…and these new fees will also apply to home owners who want to refinance their mortgages. (Per Harry Salzman, CO)

So with the incredibly-low interest rates, the incredibly- high inventory of affordable homes, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get you started. 1-800-684-0885.

Net-zero-energy Homes


A rising trend of super-efficient, solar-powered new homes allows homeowners to combat rising energy costs by giving back to the power grid. Some owners are even realizing a small profit from their home’s power-generating capacity…..

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” one hour on Saturday night (3/10/12)!

Will you be taking a “STAY-CATION” this year?

5 factors to weigh before renting out your home…


Q: I have a house that I don’t want to sell right now, but I would like to move and am thinking of renting the house. I hear terrible stories about renters, in which they destroy the property and don’t pay the rent. What have you heard? Are there any experiences that can be shared?

A: Interestingly enough, I’ve actually had exactly this thought process myself! My father was (and is) an avid real estate investor, and as a child I frequently accompanied him on trips to check on his investment properties. Boy oh boy, the things I saw!  (More)






Visit the Union County Partnership for Progress website and call a Link agent. We can help. Come join us!!

Union County, located just east of Charlotte in North Carolina, has become a magnet for companies seeking the land, labor force, low taxes and support they need. 
Blessed with abundant available land, easy access to interstate corridors and Charlotte’s international airport, Union is North Carolina’s fastest growing county.
union county economic developmentUnion County has several available business parks, as shown on the map at left (click it for an enlarged version on Google). We are midway between New York and Florida, providing you a central location to service the entire Eastern United States.
Union County NC businessNorth Carolina is often ranked No. 1 as having the best business climate in the country, and you’ll find the leadership of Union County eager to meet your needs and help you locate or expand your business here.
Call the Union County Partnership for Progress (Economic Development) at 704-238-0640 to learn more and arrange a site visit, or use our online contact form. Click on the links on the navigation bar above for additional information.


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