Tight on space and need to “expand” your rooms? Here’s some great tips….

kitchen space savinghttp://investorextreme.com/4-tips-for-making-any-room-seem-larger/

How would you like to cut your home or work energy bills by 30%? Read on…..


Brighten up your kitchen…and your home… and your mood…. with a splash of yellow!

Gray is the “new” neutral! 017_Kitchenhttp://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/20482926/list/kitchen-color-7-sensational-yellow-backsplashes

See the house (pictured above) where the exquisite decorating has already been done for you….  http://relink.localhomesearch.net/tour.html?f=res_691854

Contact us at:   info@realestatelinkcarolinas.com   to go see!


Don’t forget to set your clocks AHEAD one hour on Saturday night.

spring forward 2015  Daylight Savings begins on Sunday, March 8th.

Spring is here…almost! Wouldn’t these little “planters” look good on your next home?

flip flop plantersThis is the time to get in the market. Email us: info@realestatelinkcarolinas.com or call 1-800-684-0885.

You Could Get 3 Big Tax Breaks—If You Buy a Home in 2015. Check it out….

green homehttp://www.realtor.com/advice/get-3-big-tax-breaks-buy-home-2015/?MID=2015_02_MonthlyNewsletter_2010-13_sl1_ro&RID=6777459&cid=eml-2015-02-MonthlyNewsletter-sub1_tax_breaks-blogs_buy

Pet friendly floorplans for your 4-legged housemembers:

dog dining roomhttp://www.builderonline.com/design/plans/fourplans-pet-friendly-designs-from-visbeen-architects_o?utm_source=newsletter&utm_content=jump&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BP_021315&day=2015-02-13&he=216d252ee567652d25fce2039b8bd9309b5e4121

Now you can buy a home with even less money down…

house with less money down http://www.nytimes.com/2015/02/07/your-money/home-loan-programs-let-buyers-put-less-down.html?partner=rss&emc=rss&_r=4

The most common job in every state, according to the Census Bureau.

job map

The REAL Trends Housing Market Report for December 2014 shows that housing sales increased 8.7 percent from the same month a year ago…in the South region increased by 4.4 percent, the best result in the nation! Nothing Could be Finer Than to be in Carolina! Come join us…call 1-800-684-0885 or email info@RealEstateLinkCarolinas.com!

housing starts dec. 2014


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