“Green Living” in close community…a new trend in housing development.

green communityhttp://www.realtor.com/news/wellness-communities-the-future-of-green-living/

“They gave their tomorrows for our todays.” We thank them and remember them on Memorial Day.

memorial day

Charlotte, NC in the TOP 10 of “Healthiest Cities” according to AARP.

charlotte skylinehttp://www.aarp.org/home-family/your-home/info-2015/best-places-healthy-lifestyle.html

Waxhaw, in the beautiful pastoral South, considered to be #1 best city for young families in North Carolina in 2015.

Waxhaw military wall┬áCome see why this Union County town is so desirable….http://www.waxhaw.com/

Interesting stats on the local real estate market in Union County, NC….call 1-800-684-0885 if you want to list your house in this rapidly-moving market!

local market report union county 3 2015

Good lawn advice following a long winter…

Colorful crocuses and snowhttp://www.realtor.com/advice/early-spring-lawn-care/

If you’re just starting to think about buying a home or haven’t done it in a long time, here’s a simplified flow chart of the process. It helps to have a Realtor by your side to guide you through the paperwork and deadlines. 1-800-684-0885

home buying process-chart2 (1)

How about a robot to vacuum your house? Not the hard metal kind but the softer, cheaper kind? Read on…

soft robothttp://www.nytimes.com/2015/04/15/technology/the-robotics-inventors-who-are-trying-to-take-the-hard-out-of-hardware.html?ref=business&_r=1

Nothing could be finer than to live in the Carolinas in the Springtime.

Carolina spring

Good news…the housing market is warming up fast! Bad news…the inventory is low. So let a Realtor help you buy a home quickly before it gets sold! We’re ready to help. 1-800-684-0885



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